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From time to time you will need to split your firewood smaller then the provided size. Our range of cutting/splitting tools will make the job a breeze no matter how big the log.


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Wood Cutting Tools

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  1. Timber Axe 1.1kg Half Size

    Gardenmaster Axe 2.5LB Half Size
  2. Fibreglass Super Blocksplitter 2Kg

    Gardenmaster Super Blocksplitter 2Kg
  3. Fibreglass Axe 2Kg

    Gardenmaster Axe 2Kg Fibreglass
  4. Timber Blocksplitter 2.5kg

    Gardenmaster Blocksplitter
  5. Fibreglass Hatchet 680g

    Gardenmaster Hatchet 680g
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5 Item(s)