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Delivering Quality Ironbark Firewood To Sydney

Firewood is available all year round.

We supply Ironbark which is one of the best burning woods. This timber is suited to combustion & open fireplaces. Our wood is premium quality and well seasoned. Guaranteed.

Our wood is ECO friendly and only sourced from reputable suppliers, as we are a member of the Firewood Association of Australia (Member no. 046)

We also supply a number of wood fired pizza shops and cafes with wood fire pizza ovens and heating for dining areas

Early Bird Firewood Special

Firewood Cleaning Pack Special - $485

  1 Tonne Premium Ironbark Firewood

  1 x Smart Burn Flu Cleaner

  1 x Galvanized bucket, shovel and brush set

  3 x 10kg Kindling

  1 x A&M Firelighters 25 Pack

     Standard delivery charges apply


Delivery - Phone us on (02) 9986 1223

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We sell Premium Seasoned Ironbark and Mixed Hardwood that is sold for delivery at the following rates:

 Premium Ironbark

1/2 Ton / 1m  - $199
1 Ton /    2m3   - $369
2 Ton /    4m3   - $699

3 Ton /    6m3   - $1039

Mixed Hardwood

1/2 Ton / 1m  - $169
1 Ton /    2m3   - $319
2 Ton /    4m3   - $590

3 Ton /    6m3   - $880

Delivery charges do apply. Please Click Here for delivery rates.


Our wood is loaded with a loader that has scales to ensure accurate amounts of wood are delivered every time. M3 is only approximate to give a comparison, as we only sell wood by the tonne.

Pick ups - 200 Forest Way Belrose

                   Four Seasons Nursery


Firewood for Pick Up is sold by the scoop or the crate. The prices are as follow:


Crates - approx 100kg, hand loaded into car
Ironbark only - $39 per crate


Bobcat Scoop - approx 170kg, tipped into trailer or truck
Ironbark - $70 per scoop



Kubota Scoop - approx 250kg, tipped into trailer or truck

Ironbark - $89 per scoop

Mixed Hardwood - $70 per scoop


Other Products Available

Kindling Bags 10kg - $14.95 each

Bagged Firewood - $16.95 per bag or 3 for $45

Firewood Accessories - See Order Online for range


Why Choose Australian Firewood?

- We are a member of the Firewood Association of Australia
- All wood is 100% seasoned and ready to burn​
- Ironbark is a slower, warmer burning wood than other firewood​
- Ironbark burns with little or no smoke and low emissions​
- Ironbark creates minimal ash – less cleaning ​
- Logs are split and cut to a ready-to-use fire wood size of 250mm - 350mm

  approximately the size of a loaf of bread​
- Every load is weighed on scales – guaranteeing you get value for money​
- A full range of firewood accessories
- Firewood delivered to you, where and when you want*


*Delivery days Monday - Saturday. Please allow 2 days for delivery when booking your order